May 17, 2015 9:58 am




The Government of Ghana (GOG) made a commitment in the promotion of women’s human rights and empowerment with the rati cation of key International Instruments, to the Millennium Development Goals and Ghana’s National Development Frameworks. With the introduction of the National Gender Policy, the Government seeks to re-emphasize its greater objectives, to continue working tirelessly for the greater development of both men and women.

It is our belief that continuing to reduce poverty levels, improving health and living standards in Ghana is contingent upon the formulation of effective policies that promote gender equality, equity and women’s empowerment at all levels and sectors.

It is crucial, that, Government has a policy that further enhances women’s rights and continues to provide a clear framework for addressing inequalities deeply rooted in our society. The National Gender Policy has been developed with comprehensive insights into the empowerment, rights and access to justice, leadership and accountable governance, gender roles and relations, and economic opportunities for women.

The National Gender Policy development process was consultative guided by key stakeholder inputs at the national, regional and district levels, and with the participation of both government and non-government agencies, development partners, traditional authorities, and the Media across the country.

We introduce this National Gender Policy hoping for its success of inclusivity in the lives of all the sexes. Let us work together to forge a path that ensures women and men, boys and girls, the marginalized, the vulnerable all have an equal voice, opportunity and can also bene t from our society at all levels.