National Council for Persons with Disability (NCPD)

February 9, 2017 3:02 pm

The National Council on Persons with Disability was established by the National Persons with Disability Act, 2006, Act 715. The Council is tasked with the responsibility of proposing and evolving policies that would mainstream persons with disability in the national development process.


Inclusion, empowerment and equal opportunities for persons with disabilities and for all


National Council for persons with disability exists to work with PWDS and other stakeholders to mainstream disabilities issues in all sectors of National development.

There is ability in disabilityOur Values

We work on the principles that disability is not inability. We believe in human dignity, respect and equal right for all. We operate on the principles of fairness and transparency in all matters

Object and Functions of the Council

The object of the Council is to propose and evolve policies and strategies to enable persons with disability enter and participate in mainstream development activities


  • Monitor and evaluate disability policies and programs
  • Formulate strategies for broad-based inter-sectoral, inter-disciplinary involvement and participation in the implementation of the national disability policy
  • To ensure the preparation of an organizational manual on the operations of the council and its secretariat
  • Coordinate disability activities
  • Advise the Ministry on disability issues and submit to the Minister, proposals for appropriate legislation on disability
  • Mobilize resources for the attainment of its objectives
  • Coordinate activities of organizations of persons with disability and international organizations and non-governmental organizations that deal with disability
  • Promote studies and research on issues of disability and provide education and information to the public on issues of disability
  • Maintain a register of persons with disability, institutions, organizations and associations which provide rehabilitation, services or support for persons with
  • play an advocacy role on disability issues at levels