Human Trafficking Secretariat (HT)

February 9, 2017 3:05 pm

The secretariat is managed by a thirteen (13) member management Board established by the Human Trafficking (HT) Act, 2005 (Act 694). The overall goal of the Human Trafficking Secretariat (HTS) is to facilitate the prevention and combating of Trafficking cases in Ghana. It is also to sensitize all persons to human trafficking and create a peaceful environment to accelerate national development. Mandate The Act establishing the secretariat is the Human Trafficking Act, 2005 Act 694 which is an Act for the prevention, reduction and punishment of human trafficking and for the rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked persons and its related matters.


The functions of the Secretariat include the following:

  • Ensures input of programs into the national plan of action against human trafficking, and monitor and report on the progress of the plan of action against human trafficking
  • Conducts research and studies on Human Trafficking cases.
  • Sets standards of practice, which inform intra-agency and inter-agency protocol
  • Establish indicators to track the implementation of the act
  • Set up an effective monitoring and evaluation system and implement it
  • Provide assistance on the investigation and prosecution of trafficking cases
  • Propose and promote strategies to prevent and combat trafficking of persons
  • Ensures the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked persons into the society
  • Liaise with government agencies and organizations to promote the training of stakeholders and the rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of trafficking
  • Ensure the availability of appropriate administrative and financial management systems and support services for the effective and efficient running of the Secretariat
  • Coordinate mass sensitization activities and advocacy programs on Human Trafficking
  • Establish a circular feedback system for problems with a response and complaints mechanism for victims.


The overall objectives of the secretariat are as follows,

  • To reduce the incidence of HT(Human Trafficking) in Ghana
  • To conduct research to support the National Plan Action for the HT secretariat
  • To strengthen the capacity of HT legislation and policy in Ghana to better deal with HT issues
  • To increase general awareness on HT and ensure that the public is effectively sensitized to take action against it
  • To provide sustained specialized training to all key HT stakeholders on HT issues as they relate to their work
  • To ensure the effective enforcement of HT laws in Ghana to include prevention, punishment of offenders and the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of victims
  • To ensure the availability of adequate resources for the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of HT
  • To ensure that appropriate systems are in place to prevent HT by targeting at risk groups and addressing the supply and demand sides of the problem as well as the role of intermediaries.
  • To ensure inter-agency collaboration on n a national and international level
  • To conduct internal and external monitoring, review and evaluate activities in the action plan of secretariat
  • To promote community involvement/participation in addressing issues of HT.
  • To foster effective partnership/coordination among stakeholders to address HT issues