August 12, 2019 10:43 am

The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) in collaboration with the Office of the Head of Local Government has organized a three day Community Dialogue on Social Protection and Social Issues for the people of Agona West Municipality in the Central Region of Ghana from 7th – 9th August 2019.

The Dialogue was created to educate, sensitize and facilitate the free flow of information and feedback which are the pillars that strengthened a democratic governance system. It is also a way of bringing governance to the doorstep of the people. Communities visited during the community dialogue includes

  • Nyakom
  • Nkum
  • Bobikuma Lower
  • Bobikuma Upper
  • Kwaman
  • Abudjakrom
  • Kukurantumi
  • Abodom

The sensitization was centered on Social Protection, Gender, Child Protection, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Social Welfare issues.

Speaking at the forum, the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection Honourable Cynthia Mamle Morrison challenged parents to be wary and vigilant of their children’s upkeep and education since they represent the future of Ghana. She used the occasion to advise the youths to desist from the consumption of (t) Tramadol and other substance(s) that will put their life in jeopardy.

The Minister also pleaded with parents to desist from giving out or forcing their children into marriage as this have a dire consequences on them and the nation as a whole.


In his presentation, Mr Mawutor Ablor said the Social Protection unit of the Ministry exist(s) to ensure that all Ghanaians have access to social intervention(s) policies which leads them to enjoy a meaningful life.

He added that, government has put measures, mechanisms and systems in place that helps in protecting all Ghanaians to enjoy such Social Protection interventions such as the National Health Insurance Scheme, Labour Intensive Public Works, Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty, Free Senior High School, School feeding and Microfinance and Small Loans Centre and Capitation Grant.

On the National Insurance Scheme, Mr. Ablor indicated that, as part of the Ministry’s mandate to ensure all Ghanaians have access to quality healthcare (,) identified persons who are poor and vulnerable and (are) automatically enrolled them (them should be taken out) unto the NHIS.

On School Feeding, he said, the policy was introduced by government to increase school enrollment, attendance and retention and that there was no need for any child to be left at home since government is feeding and also taking care of their fees through the Capitation Grant Module.

Touching on the Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty, Mr. Ablor who is also the head for Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation said the intervention set up by the Government of Ghana is meant for extremely poor and vulnerable households in Ghana. He advised persons all and sundry present especially the aged to take advantage of these Social Protection Programmes to better their lives. (Or make their lives better)


Mr Daniel Nonah from the Social Welfare Secretariat in his presentation said the Department of Social Welfare works in collaboration with people in their various localities to improve their wellbeing through the promotion of social development with equity for the disadvantaged, the vulnerable, persons with disabilities and the excluded.

He went on to say that, the department also handle family issues. This is because, they want all families in Ghana to live in harmony and peace which will translate into a peaceful atmosphere for their children to thrive. He further urged men to honour their role and responsibility by playing the manly role in the house.

Mr Daniel Nona(h) whiles presenting also stressed that, the department as part of its mandate provide(s) homes for the homeless, orphaned and abandoned children, and also assist(s) in finding fit(qualified) persons and foster parents to care for children whose parents are no more. He finally used the occasion to educate the people of Agona West Municipality not to see persons with disability as outcast(s) since they play a very vital role in nation building.


Madam Malonin Asibi from the Domestic Violence Unit of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection said the Domestic Violence Secretariat exist(s) to facilitate the elimination of domestic violence from the Ghanaian Society, create family cohesion and also to (to should be taken off)) provide protection against domestic violence particularly for women and children for a peaceful environment for national development. She went on to say that, the secretariat also works closely with the Ghana Police service to bring justice to those who deserves it.

She assets that, Domestic Violence can happen to anyone irrespective of one’s gender and status and it does not discriminate. For families to enjoy their homes and also raise children morally and uprightly, Madam Malonin advised couples to live in harmony and also treat each other with care and respect. She concluded by saying that, the law will deal ruthlessly with anyone who has violently abuse (the law will deal with anyone who violently abuses another)


In her presentation, the Director in charge of Human Trafficking Madam Abena Asare educated the people of Agona West Municipality of the duties and responsibilities of the Secretariat. She said the objective of the Human Trafficking Secretariat exists (the ‘exists’ keep occurring, can u have another word to replace this) to facilitate the prevention and combating of Trafficking cases. It is also to sensitize all persons to (on) human trafficking and create a peaceful environment to accelerate national development.

She said Human Trafficking is on the increase in Ghana, hence the need for every parent to be vigilant and extra cautious to (about) people who comes (come) to promise them of securing or taking their children to abroad to seek greener pastures.  She told the gatherings that, most of these children taken (abducted) or trafficked end up in prostitution and other difficult (menial) jobs.

Madam Abena further used the opportunity to (advise) parents and all present to always probe the background of persons who come to offer them juicy jobs ( to contact the police…….)from the police and also the Social Welfare department in their communities.


(Madam) Florence Ayisi Quartey from the (D) department of (C) children said the purpose or aim of the Department is to ensure that, all children have access to good living as well as access to education and health.

She stressed that the Ministry is mandated to improve the welfare and full integration of Children into the development process through advocacy and education and also coordinate programmes and activities that seek to promote the welfare of children. This she said is in line with Article 28 of the 1992 (constitution) which mandate (s) Government to ensure the rights of the children.

Madam Florence tasked parents to create a congenial environment for their children in order for them to grow to become responsible adults.  She further stressed that, parents should always monitor and seek their children’s welfare, help them with their home works, communicate with them frequently to find out their needs. She again urged parents to desist from engaging their wards in child labour (activities).

In all, participants from the Agona West Municipality were happy for the timely dialogue and enlightenment. They called for such eye opening education frequently.

Source: MoGCSP