November 14, 2020 4:20 am
Madam Hilda Mensah, UNICEF Child Protection Specialist-Justice for Children, has reiterated UNICEF’s commitment to ensure that every child can be allowed to access services, protected from violence, abuse and exploitation.
She made this statement during a five(5) day workshop on Intersectoral Standard Operating Procedures(ISSOP), Case Management and SWIMS with sixty(60) MMDAs from 9th to 13th November, 2020 in Ho, Volta Region. The workshop was organised by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Office of the Head of Local Government Service (OHLGS) and other key stakeholders.
She urged participants to demonstrate a level of commitment at their workplaces by safeguarding the rights of children and also documenting child related cases reported at their workplace and refer them to the appropriate quarters for immediate action.
Madam Hilda Mensah, commended the various roles that social welfare and community development officers play at their various MMDAs and has therefore called on them to establish a mutual relationship with other stakeholders to enable them achieve their desired goals.
She revealed that about 94% of children are victims of exploitation and this situation is unacceptable. She said as part of their corporate social responsibility to support institutions with the requisite assistance for the vulnerable, they will also monitor their performance periodically for desired outcomes.
In a statement read on behalf of the Volta Regional Minister, the Regional Coordinating Director, Mr. Felix Chaahaah said, there is the need to understand ones responsibilities at their various workplace and deliver accordingly to achieve development especially in the lives of the vulnerable.
He implored participants to find ways of adding value to themselves in order to adapt to whatever situation they may find themselves.
The National Director for the Department of Community Development, Mrs. Faustina Essandoh-Yeddu (Ph.D) also appealed to officers to abide by the required standards in the implementation of their job schedules.
She said the tools and knowledge impacted into the participants will be expected to reflect in their daily activities.
The PPME Director at the Office of the Local Government Service, Dr. Charles Kesse expressed their gratitude to participants for availing themselves to undergo this important training session and assured all of the Ministry’s support in case of any challenge during the discharge of their duties.
The Ag. Director for the Department of Children, Mrs. Florence Ayisi Quartey also reiterated the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection’s support to assist staff in the discharge of their duties and expressed concern on the under reporting of performance by some Social Welfare and Community Development Officers.
She presented on the International Standard Operating Procedures whilst Mr. Michael Abiaw, a Senior Programmes Officer at the Department of Children, also took participants through the required forms and pathways for reporting child related issues.
Mr. Thomas Doe, Social Development Officer at Krachi West District on behalf of participants expressed their utmost gratitude to the organisers for investing their time and resources in the training programme and will ensure in the promotion of intersectoral collaboration and Integrated Social Services Delivery in the MMDAs.
The ISSOP forms for the Integrated Social Services is to assist in the uniformity and standardization among the service deliveries provided by agencies and stakeholders who are to protect the interests of children and vulnerable whilst the Social Welfare Information Management System (SWIMS) is promoted as a tool to securely collect, store, manage and share data on social welfare officers and NGO / CSOs to vulnerable children and adults.