Programmes and Interventions for the aged (GHANA)

Free Biometric registration of the elderly 65 years and above unto the Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme.


Over 11,000 elderly women and men 65 years and above were freely registered for the biometric ID card of the National Health Insurance Scheme since 2014.
Beneficiaries were selected from 10 communities in two Regions (Greater Accra and the Central Region).


This card was launched on 5th January, 2015 to facilitate easy access by the elderly 65+ to public services. (Eban is a Traditional Ghanaian symbol for Fence which literally means defence, protection and love.


50% rebate on bus fare for Eban card holders on the Metro Mass Transit Bus to any destination in Ghana.

Elderly using the Eban welfare cards will receive priority access for service at the Banks, Hospitals and other public services.

It is expected that over 25,000 elderly will be issued with the ID card at the initial nationwide roll-out phase, a total of 9,526 have been issued with the card already.