July 19, 2023 9:11 pm

The Hon. Minister for MoGCSP partook in two side events as part of the ongoing Women Deliver Conference 2023. The events were centred on Tackling Gender Based Violence and the Role of Accountability in the Gender Equality Agenda.

The session discussed how Ministers/Mayors can be key and influential actors in advancing gender equity with particular focus on reducing gender based violence. Panelists at the forum discussed extensively the range of tools leaders wield to prevent violence, support survivors, hold perpetrators to account and improve trust in institutions.

The plenary also examined accountability mechanisms to ensure financial resources and feminist movements, particularly in low and middle income countries.

In another related news, a team from the Jersey Government led by its Chief Minister Kristina Moore paid Hon. Lariba Zuweira Abudu a visit. During her visit, she discussed ways to deepen bilateral ties between the two countries and prospects for cooperation in a range of sectors of shared interest.

The primary topics of their conversation included women in agriculture, gender equality, financial inclusion, women’s empowerment, domestic abuse, and education. The meeting also covered concepts and ideal procedures that would help both nations.

During her interaction with the Chief Minister, Hon. Lariba said Ghana is far advanced with its affirmative Action Bill laws which has been forwarded to the Atrorney General’s Department.

Again, the National Gender Policy which expired in 2020 has been reviewed from 2023 to 2032.

“Once these legislation are passed, they will aid in ensuring that women have full access to decision-making opportunities in the nation’s governance”, she said.

Source: MoGCSP