SOP – Children in Need of Care and Protection

February 14, 2020 2:26 pm



These Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) describe guiding principles, procedures, roles and responsibilities in the prevention of and response to child protection for children residing within Ghana. The SOPs build on national and Ghana based practices, protocols and legal frameworks as well as international minimum standards. They are designed to be used together with existing resources related to prevention and response to child protection. This Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is intended as a guide for social workers in handling case of children in need of care and protection. This document focuses on direct assistance, case plan, case implementation and reintegration. The SOPs aims at building the capacity of all social workers in Ghana, especially those of the Department of Social Welfare. By applying the operating procedures outlined in this document, social workers will be better equipped to provide comprehensive and holistic assistance to children in need of care and protection.