October 14, 2019 1:29 pm

The Department of Children under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection has marked the celebration of “International Day of Girl Child” On the 11th October, 2019 at the Wesley Methodist Church, Palladium In Accra on the theme “Girl Force: Unscripted and Unstoppable”.

This Day is usually used to promote girl’s empowerment and the fulfillment of their Human Rights whiles also highlighting the challenges that girls all over the world face. The day also brings attention on the need to provide better education, protection from violence and put a stop to child marriage, inequalities in education, legal Rights, medical care and safe environment for the girl child.

The Metro Director of Ghana Education Service, Mrs Benedicta Tenni Seidu expressed her heart most gratitude for such an educational programme organized by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. She stated in her submission that the young children especially the females are the future mothers of the next generation kids and so their education is paramount, therefore empowering them is necessary in all aspects of their lives.

She stated that majority of the children go through abuse and harassment from the members of the community which we should all come together to fight against.

The Chief Director for Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Dr. Afisah Zakariah in her welcome statement on behalf of the Ministy of Gender, Children and Social Protection touched on Gender Equalities and Gender Discrimination in our society. The Chief Director stated emphatically that there is the need for all to give equal opportunities to both gender in all spheres of life especially in their education. She added that the day marks a very important day in every child around the globe especially the Girl Child and in Ghana there has been a decline progress in cases of inequalities over the years. Dr. Afisah Zakariah was however delighted to be part of the celebration as various performances were displayed by the children.

Mr. Rafiq Khan, Head of Child Protection at UNICEF also gave a speech highlighting on the need for children to feel safe. He made it known to the children that whenever they do not feel safe home they should confide in their teachers at their various schools and when that option is still not convenient for them, they should contact their parents at home.

He said in the event where both options are not available, they should rely on a trusted individual but if they have doubts about the person then there are two things that they can do which is to call the toll free help line number of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (0800 800 800 and 0800 900 900) or call 292 which is a National Security Centre and also cautioned the children not to be sending their pictures to strangers on social media and report anyone who asks them to send their pictures which they feel uncomfortable doing so.

There was an engagement and interaction with the children using the C.P2 kits between children and facilitators on various topics such as empowerment, internet fraud, child rights and child abuse. Most of the children expressed their views on the above questions during the interactions and displayed cultural performances and Poetry.

Dr. Afisah Zachariah in her closing remarks advised the children to respect their elders and study well to achieve their aims and objectives.

The International Day of The Girl Child 2019 aims at sensitizing adolescents nationwide on all forms of discriminations against girls including negative cultural practices and attitudes, Promoting Adolescent health and well-being, Promoting the need to strengthen the role of the family in improving the status of girls and creating awareness on the need to promote and protect the right of girls and increase awareness of their needs and potentials.

Source: MoGCSP