“Ghana 61 years on; Women Too Dey Inside”- Hon. Otiko Afisah Djaba

March 7, 2018 4:56 pm

The Minister for Gender Children and Social Protection, Hon. Otiko Afisah Djaba has lauded the significant roles that women in Ghana have played in the development of the nation, saying “Ghana 61 years on; Women too dey inside”.

The Honorable Minister stated that Ghanaian women have been overlooked for too long, adding they are still seen to be inferior to men and therefore charge all women to press for progress and change their status.

Hon. Otiko Djaba added that “no longer men in front and women behind, we want a side by side situation. Men should see women as their equals and other women should also fight to push other women forward”, she added.

The Honourable Minister made these known at a rally at the independence Square after a walk for women as part of activities scheduled for the International Women’s Day celebration directed at promoting the status of women in Ghana and also celebrating the unpaid work women have been engaged in in the upkeep of the family.

Hon. Otiko Djaba emphasized that all cruel and inhumane practices like FGM, child marriage, domestic violence amongst others that go a long way to undermine the lives of women should all be abolished.

She said “while we have made tremendous progress as women it is very disheartening to find that such practices are still on the upsurge. We need to form a sisterhood, a movement of women to fight against such issues. No woman should allow her husband to give their daughter out for marriage when they are still young. Let’s not rob our young daughters of their destinies by giving them off for marriage”.

The sector Minister explained that gender equality should be inculcated right from the home. The girl child should not be burdened with all the house chores when the male child is left to play. Both children must be trained to share the responsibility. She believes this early socialization will change the perception they have about women right from the onset.

Hon. Otiko Djaba explained further that “women’s issues are not only for women, it’s a national issue. Women’s issues should neither be politicized or fought on ethnic or religious grounds. It should be championed by everyone”. In the light of this, she called on all stakeholders to fight for the rights of women.

The Honorable Minister urged all present to pledge their support and press for the progress of women, Ghana 61 years on. “Our women must be appreciated for their efforts” she said.

Female representatives and officials of various political parties also present at the event commended the Gender minister for making women issues especially the 2018 commemoration of the International Women’s Day celebration, an all-inclusive responsibility. They pledged their support and unwavering commitment towards the minister and her ministry and the work and accomplishment of the betterment of Ghanaian women.


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