Gender Ministry Celebrates The Aged On Republic Day

July 1, 2018 6:26 pm

The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection is celebrating senior citizens who have contributed immensely to the development of our great nation Ghana.

According to the Ministry, old age is inevitable and therefore its important to recognised them by giving issues affecting older persons outmost importance.

A statement issued by the Ministry states that “This day is about recognising and appreciating the contributions of older persons to their families, communities and the country at large.”

“The population of the elderly in Ghana has increased by more than seven-fold since the 1960 census. Rising from 213,477 in 1960 to 1,643,381 in 2010. However, there seem to be more negative perceptions about older people that tend to exclude them from performing certain functions in the society. The roles of the elderly in traditional society cannot be underestimated. They are symbols of knowledge and profound experience. They still impart knowledge, skills, training and usher the young men and women into adulthood.”

Below is the full statement read by the Hon. Minister;


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