Department of Gender

The Department of Gender has undergone several transformations over the years. In 1975, the government by NRC Decree 322 established the National Council for Women and Development, NCWD. The government was convinced that the NCWD was necessary if women were to enjoy equal economic, social, political, cultural rights with men.

The Council was formally inaugurated on the 21st of April 1975 by the then Head of State and Chairman of the National Redemption Council late General I.K Acheampong.
The National Women’s Machinery during its existence as the NCWD, promoted gender equality and maintained a lead role in the fight for gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The NCWD became the Department of Women, following the creation of the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs. In 2013, the Department of Gender was created by an Executive Instrument (E.I.), 2013 as a successor to the Department of Women. The Department of Gender (DoG) is responsible for the implementation of policies for the promotion of gender mainstreaming across all sectors.


“Empowered women in a developed Ghana”


Department of Gender exists to implement programmes and projects in relation to women’s rights and empowerment through advocacy, research and education by networking and collaborating with partners and stakeholders; working with a well resourced and cherished team to offer client focused services.


The functions of the Department are to:

  • Implement policies, programmes, projects and plans of the sector Ministry;
  • Monitor and evaluate both the processes and impact of plans and programmes;
  • Collaborate and network with MDAs, NGOs and CBOs to improve and enhance the socio-economic status and circumstances of women;
  • Undertake research towards improving the well-being of women;
  • Provide referral and on the spot counseling services;
  • Comply with Ghana’s international obligations and ensure their integration into the development process; and
  • Collect and compile documentation that contributes to the body of knowledge on gender and development


The objectives of the Department are to:

  • Coordinate and implement programmes and activities that seek to promote the welfare of women;
  • Ensure women’s promotion in all sectors of national development;
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and development partners to integrate gender issues into national development;
  • Implement government policies and plans that relate to women;
  • Comply with Ghana International obligation relating to women; and
  • Design and carry out research on issues of women to enhance knowledge and incorporate it into national development