February 4, 2019 8:32 am

The Gender Minister, Hon. Cynthia Morrison, says she will adopt the five-year-old boy whose left limb was amputated and support him till he completes his high school education.

She expressed sadness about the maltreatment meted out to the child and said she would personally enroll the boy in school and look after him till he completes Senior High School.


Hon. Morrison announced the gesture when she visited the boy at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital where the boy is currently recuperating on Sunday, February 3, 2019.

“This child is Kofi and I am also Efua. I will take him as my child, enroll him in school, support him till he completes his secondary education” the Minister told journalists.

She said she would help the little boy to achieve his dream of becoming a medical officer and an advocate against all forms of abuses when he grows up.


The Minister also announced that she would have a fixed account for him which could help him to further his education to any level and secure his future.

Commenting on plans for the deprived and vulnerable in society, she said although the government alone could not give the support, it had put in support interventions such as the LEAP and school feeding programmes to enhance the livelihood of the majority of the people.


The Minister reiterated the need for the society to treat children with utmost care, respect, and dignity.

She used the occasion to commend the two good Samaritans who rescued the little boy and brought him to the hospital.

It came to light that the boy got to know only today that he had lost his limb when the bandage was removed for the first time to dress the wound.

Since then his demeanor has changed to sadness. It took the Minister to put some smile in his face when she gave him an assurance that a hand would be fixed for him which would not rot again.