Policy, Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring and Eval

This Directorate leads the technical processes for the development of policies, plans, programmes and budgets of all activities of the Ministry. It caters for the design and application of monitoring and evaluation systems for purposes of assessing the operational effectiveness of the Ministry’s strategies and interventions.

The Directorate comprises the following units:

  1. Policy Unit:-

    The unit initiates and coordinates the broad sector policies of the Ministry

  2. Planning and Programs Unit:-

    The unit leads in the design and provision of plans based on a sound framework for the effective implementation of the Ministry’s planned programmes, projects and activities.

  3. Budgeting Unit: –

    The unit is responsible for preparing budget and the provision of technical guidance to Management on budgetary matters. The unit also keeps proper updates of all financial projects.

  4. Monitoring and Evaluation Unit: –

    The unit ensures the provision of an effective basis for measuring the various stages of programs and projects of the Ministry as well as providing an objective basis for assessing the effectiveness of its programs and projects.